10 Songs About Work

Music Working 2017
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Work, work, work, work, work. If you want to get anywhere in this world, pay your bills on time and make something of yourself, it's going to take a lot of it. Even if you're born into some insanely-rich lifestyle, you'll go nuts without putting your time and energy into something. Even if you spend your hours toiling over your life's greatest passion, there are going to be some days when you just don't have the mental or emotional bandwidth, but there is no room for excuses. You've got to punch that clock.

For the days when you just can't wake up, or the afternoons when that fifth cup of coffee still holds no motivation, may we suggest a work song playlist? We here at Billboard Dance put this handy-dandy selection of songs about work together to keep your nose to the grindstone. Each tune varies in genre and style, but they've all got a catchy beat designed to get you going. Think of it like a Viking with a drum to keep your rowing on track, except it sounds better.

Rihanna - "Work" Feat. Drake

This recent hit has become so iconic, it "worked" perfectly for the intro of this article. It's one of those earworms that lives inside your brain for the rest of your life, and thankfully it's a good song, or that might drive you crazy. Now, hurry up and get your work done so you can dutty wine with Drake.

Fifth Harmony - "Work From Home" Feat. Ty Dolla $ign

The American economy is experiencing a freelancer revolution. The Millennial generation has ushered in the novel idea that you can start your own business and handle it from the comfort of your own couch, or at least a co-working space. Cafes are way better than cubicles. Just put pictures of your family on your laptop, or whatever. This song isn't really about freelancing, but let's just pretend it is.

Wiz Khalifa - "Work Hard, Play Hard"

This is definitely one of the most motivating beats on the lineup. Wiz Khalifa brings the motto to life in everything he does. This tune is also absolutely perfect for the gym, which is its own form of hard work. if you ever find yourself grinding on a deadline or pushing that extra mile, throw this tune on and find yourself some last-minute steam. You may go further than you ever imagined.

Britney Spears - "Work Bitch"

Britney Spears has been working since she was a child on the Mickey Mouse Club. She works so hard she had a famous meltdown, but even 2007 couldn't stop her legend. It only made her a bigger icon. In 2013, she dropped this club anthem for all the beautiful girls and boys who know what it takes to go big.

Iggy Azalea - "Work"

Sometimes, you're pushed into the work life early. Iggy Azalea flew one way to Miami from her native Australia when she was just 16, and she's been hustling in the American streets ever since. She's come a long way from being a maid for South Florida's affluent population. Now she hires her own maids, and things are working out.

Michael Jackson - "Working Day and Night"

Speaking of working since childhood, the King of Pop wasn't even 10 when he scored his first record deal. Michael Jackson is the ultimate radio work machine, and his beats are some of the funkiest ever laid to wax. This deeper cut from his debut solo album Off the Wall will keep you working around the clock and help you take that energy out of the office and into the night club.

ZHU - "Working for It" (Feat. Skrillex & THEY.)

Just because the sun is down doesn't mean your work is over. ZHU brings that heat for the bedroom, which is a different kind of work, but definitely worth putting the time in for. Not that this sexual anthem can't be motivating for office hours. Skrillex helped make the beat extra bad, and THEY. come in with the extra funky vocal hook, so "Working for It" works for all occasions. 

A$AP Ferg - "Work"

You're at your wits end, you're exhausted and you've got an hour left on the clock. You need some no nonsense to get you through it, and if part of your motivation is fueled by anger, all the better. A$AP Ferg is serving dark, stormy, badass vibes. You can't feel like anything less than a boss with this one bumpin'. Just make sure you use headphones. This song is super NSFW.

Tinashe - "Watch Me Work"

All right, let's lighten the mood back up. Tinashe comes in with a win for synths and feel-good vibes. Whether you're working the desk or working that back, "Watch Me Work" is the kind of tune that'll make you feel like king or queen of your domain.

Lil Jon - "Work"

We finish our list with the most motivational voice in the game. If Lil Jon tells you to do something, you do it. You can't even be mad about going to work with his cartoonish growl in your ear. Bonus points because his lyrics act as a workout routine and a free dance lesson. Shout out to the vogue beat for those ready to work the runway.