deadmau5 Makes Good on Promise to Produce R&B Singer BoMason's Album

Scott Legato/Getty Images
Deadmau5 performs during Music Midtown 2016 at Piedmont Park on Sept. 18, 2016 in Atlanta.

Imagine being an upstart R&B singer making beats with your brother, garnering a few thousands plays here and there on Spotify and attracting a meager following on Soundcloud, only to find out deadmau5 has secretly become such a big fan, he tells the whole world to check out your music and promises to produce a full-length album for you if you nab 1 million plays.

That's BoMason's actual life right now. The New Jersey singer-songwriter has a beautiful falsetto and one helluva bright future. He earned those 1 million plays in a year's time, and now, deadmau5 makes good on his promise. He's clearing his whole schedule and flying BoMason to mau5trap studios in Canada to work on the LP in mid December. 

1 million plays from deadmau5

It's a change of pace for the techy producer. BoMason has a hymnal, Frank Ocean quality to his jams. We're sure deadmau5 is up to the challenge. We love his take on hip-hop in recent collaborations with UK rapper Shotty Horroh. Fingers crossed this waking dream turns into an R&B crossover that change the game for years to come.

Either way, shout out to deadmau5 for being a man of his word. Check the surreal exchange and BoMason's 2016 album Doves in the Valley of the Shadows below.