MAKJ Plays Acoustic Soul on 'Too Far Gone' With Matthew Santos

Courtesy of KENZ Records

When something comes from the heart, the audience can feel it, and MAKJ dug deep for his latest soulful single "Too Far Gone." It's a great mix of acoustic and electronic elements, a touch of retro nostalgia in his spacey synths anchored by the raw power of singer Matthew Santos' vocals.

"When producing this record, I found myself really digging deep into the organic music side of my brain," MAKJ tells Billboard. "This record speaks on so many different years of my life. From the '80s inspired synths, to the live drums, new wave rhythm, and vocals from Matthew. All of this was inspired from my childhood listening to Talking Heads, Men Without Hats, The English Beat and Savage Garden. Being able to really connect the dots with my childhood on this record where me, as MAKJ, can still be heard, but also I can push forward my influences of new sounds. I really wanted to make this an art piece, not just another single.”

"Too Far Gone" is a refreshing moment for any part of your day. It's good for the romantic slow dance, the unseen bedroom jam, and the night drive home with windows down. It's out now on KENZ / Empire Records. Listen to it below.