US Tops World in Vinyl Record Shops Overall, The Island of Palau Leads Per Capita

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Discogs and its sister site VinylHub are two deep-diving favorites of next-level music nerdery. The digital catalogs are one-stop shops for burning facts and questions, like who sneakily helped on the production of your favorite jam, what label released what record when and more. They also love to do research over there and the latest dig takes on vinyl shops around the world.

Turns out the United States has more record stores than anyone else, but when you consider that our 1,482 stores service more than 300 million Americans its a bit less impressive, making for just 0.4602 shops per 100,000 inhabitants.

Meanwhile, per capita, the small Micronesian island of Palau tops the list with three shops for about 21,186 people. As for a bit larger countries, Sweden looks relatively solid with 119 stores for its population of 9,600,000, accounting for 1.2 shops per 100,000 people -- trailing just Palau, Iceland, Greenland and Estonia, respectively, in that statistic.

All these ice-cold facts and more are displayed in beautiful tables for your consumption via Discogs. We've also got the list of 10 countries with the highest population of record stores below. See the full stats here.

The jury on whose stores offer the highest-quality content? That's a debate for the club, chap.

10. Spain, 139
9. Australia, 144
8. Japan, 158
7. Netherlands, 178
6. Italy, 258
5. Canada, 273
4. France, 285
3. Germany, 453
2. United Kingdom, 537
1. United States, 1482