Steve Aoki Brings Out Celine Dion to Sing 'My Heart Will Go On' in Las Vegas

Steve Aoki and Celine Dion
Denise Truscello

Steve Aoki and Celine Dion at the Benefit Concert at OMNIA Nightclub inside Caesars Palace presented by Hakkasan Group on Nov. 7, 2017 in La Vegas. 

He's been playing an edit of the 'Titanic' track in his sets for years.

Anyone who wants to act like they don't love Celine Dion and her Titantic soundtrack smash "My Heart Will Go On" can just sit down. The queen deserves your respect, adoration and -- if she ever enters the room -- your complete attention, like when she took the stage with Steve Aoki Tuesday night in Las Vegas at Omnia Nightclub's Las Vegas Victims Fund charity event.

Hakkasan Group, which operates Omnia, raised over $1 million through donations, ticket sales and all other revenue streams throughout the night at the Ceasar's Palace nightclub - all of which is being donated to the fund.

Aoki may be a man of electro beats, but he knows the full power of that golden voice. He's been playing an edit of "My Heart Will Go On" in his sets for years. Haters hate online, but crowds around the world belt every word of the '90s anthem with gusto time and time again.

This little trick introduced him to the famous singer in 2015, which must be when their friendship formed. On Tuesday night, that connection blossomed into an unforgettable live performance of that edit for a few thousand lucky partiers.

The magic moment was captured on video. Enjoy her impeccable performance and see the story behind Aoki and Dion's friendship below.