The 6 Best Kygo Remixes

Johannes Lovund

How do you go from music-loving finance major to A-list collaborator and Billboard chart topper in three years? You take a sweet face, match it with lifelong talent on the piano and give it a tropical, feel-good swirl. That's Kygo in a nutshell, but the Norwegian producer and DJ takes his craft a lot deeper.

His breakthrough was fast and strong. He replaced his idol Avicii on the Coachella lineup during his first heavy international tour. His debut album, Could Nine, gave birth to some stellar singles, including hits "Firestone" and "Carry Me." He followed that with huge collaborative gets, climbing into the studio with Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding, among others, and in November of 2017, he dropped eight more new tracks on his sophomore LP, Kids in Love, broadening his dance-pop sound with bigger ballads, more introspective moments and sophisticated pop sensibilities. 

Kygo has had a more than enviable career, and his star only continues to rise. It's easy to see why so many upstart producers have looked to him for inspiration while established producers have had some serious fun reinterpreting his biggest hits. Today, we explore the best remixes of Kygo's catalog. From space-age synths to romantic future vibes, here are six of our favorite Kygo songs remixed.

Kygo - "First Time" Feat. Ellie Goulding (R3hab Remix)

When you need a killer remix, R3hab is that dude. He's remixed pretty much everyone in the game, and his take on Kygo's song "First Time" is one of his most playful. It's got callbacks to the Norwegian producer's tropical house past, and it has a lot of fun with rhythmic synth lines that bolster rather stark percussion. 

Kygo - "First Time" Feat. Ellie Goulding (Gryffin Remix)

Nostalgia is the heart of "First Time," and Gryffin's big, echoing drums have a hazy, '80s glow. It's a perfect take on the fan favorite. The catchy, quirky build will banish any doom and gloom from the dance floor of your mind. Listen to it and remember the good old days, but don't get too lost in the reverie. Before you know it, today will have become the good old days of tomorrow.

Kygo - "It Ain't Me" Feat. Selena Gomez (Tiesto AFTR:HRS Remix)

The world-famous Dutch DJ turns your breakup anthem into an after hours lounge must-listen. It's a slow burn into the dark side of the morning, but the horns come out to play before the sun breaks over the urban horizon. This AFTR:HRS mix is definitely part of the good half of the relationship. 

Kygo - "Firestone" Feat. Conrad Sewell (Glewil Remix)

"Firestone" is definitely a romantic jam, but there's something cutesy about its chorus' tropical melody. Glewil turns its brightness up until all you see is rainbow-colored stars. This is the sound of young love, totally open without the fear of being hurt. 

Kygo - "Raging" Feat. Kodaline (LZRD Remix)

This is the remix that you're gonna wanna put on repeat. It's all happy hand claps and big jumping basslines. It's a party for any hour, an instant pick-me-up for your day. It's got a touch of that future pop atmosphere with flourishes of organic instrumentation, and the rhythm of Kodaline's vocals add even more swing. When this one hits, you're guaranteed to like it.

Kygo - "Firestone" Feat. Conrad Sewell (Jasper Dietze Rework)

The final remix in our list takes Kygo's song "Firestone" and gives it a different kind of flip. Instead of playing up the cutesy vibe, it turns the lights down and heats things up. The build captures all that excitement and anxiety right before you make your big move. The drop is the rush of a first kiss pulled off. Put this on and go get 'em, tiger.