Skrillex Produces Dreamy Future Vibes on NSTASIA's New Song 'Parachute'

Skrillex, 2017
Jas Davis 


Is there a more serene visual than floating in the night sky, looking at the lights of the city and the dark tops of forest trees through misty clouds of purple and blue? It's that kind of series sky-scraping getaway vibes that NSTASIA and producer Skrillex manifest on the new track "Parachute," bringing a nocturnal dreamscape to life.

The L.A. songstress plays cool and calm over a starry musical atmosphere as "Parachute" rides smoothly with twinkling piano notes, delivering a cool take on R&B easiness tempered with plenty of bed-time bass.

You could put this one on repeat, lay back with the headphones, and totally get lost in your imagination. We highly suggest that you do.

Get high as you want with "Parachute" below, out everywhere on HOAT.