Five Takeaways From Diplo's Full 'Rolling Stone' Interview: Taylor Swift's Music, How He's Like Drake & More

Diplo arrives at the Billboard Music Awards at the T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas.
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Diplo arrives at the Billboard Music Awards at the T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas.

A new interview with Diplo was released by Rolling Stone on Tuesday (Nov. 7) and it turns out that, indeed, the hit-making DJ and producer did say what the gossip sites said he did about Taylor Swift.

When asked about streaming, the Major Lazer said, "Music is in the hands of the kids. Streaming is literally what kids want to listen to over and over again. They want to listen to [Post Malone's] 'Rockstar' and [Cardi B's] 'Bodak Yellow' -- they don't want to listen to, like, [Swift's] 'Look What You Made Me Do.' That music doesn't relate to them at all. I don't think it ever did. They were only given that, by radio and marketing budgets. I'm impressed with Post Malone. I can relate to him more than Taylor Swift."

But that's not all -- Diplo said plenty more interesting things that aren't old news. Here are five other takeaways from his Rolling Stone interview. 

He isn't mad about Justin Bieber's "Where R U Now" vocal getting reused:

When asked about how the sort of vocal manipulation used on Bieber's "Where R U Now" hit with Skrillex and Diplo's Jack Ü project -- described as a dolphin sound -- has been used by other artists in "millions of songs" after the success of the 2015 track, Diplo said it's not something he can really be mad about.

"You just kind of gotta go with the flow," he continued. "Music does whatever it wants. It's like getting mad at, like, a wave. Hopefully people know the history, that we were one of the catalysts for so many sounds. But as time goes by, it gets less apparent who did what. So you just kind of gotta stay ahead of the curve. And with Justin, we were just trying to be as punk as we could in the lane of EDM.?"

He thinks kind of like Drake:

Diplo described Drake as a "huge songwriter and a cultural engineer." 

"He sees trends, and he gets ahead of them," Diplo said. "I think I'm the same way." 

His real feelings about the "Fake Diplo": 

On the show What Would Diplo Do? -- Viceland's the first scripted series -- Dawson's Creek icon James Van Der Beek plays Diplo. A parody Diplo account on Twitter arrived in correlation with the show, sparking speculation as to whether the account is run by Van Der Beek or the show's writers, or a combination of both. 

"It hurt to watch it the first time," the real Diplo said about his fictional self. "It made my stomach twist. I think that James plays a really funny Diplo. He's doing his best, but he's just an idiot. I don't mind being ridiculed. People relate to dance music, but you can't relate to a Zac Efron DJ movie, right?

He knows he's a "poseur"

In What Would Diplo Do?, fake Diplo asks whether DJs are "just poseurs pushing buttons" -- something on which the real Diplo had some self-aware thoughts.

"I know I'm a poseur pushing buttons onstage!" he admitted. "You can't really deliver a lot as a DJ in concert. There's not much you can do. Your job as a producer is to make enough great material that people will show up to see the music you've made. It's the same reason you show up at a Rolling Stones concert: to hear the hits." 

Watch out for Diplo and Mark Ronson on tour

Diplo admitted that 12 years ago, he met Ronson as a New York DJ but "never took him seriously." Now, after Ronson's undeniable success Diplo said that the two "just want to go on tour and do a little DJing together." 

To read the full interview, click here.


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