Jauz Launches Bite This Label, Announces New Compilation 'Off The Deep End Vol. 1'

David Higgs


Jauz plans to drop seven remixes of his works, as well as a bonus single for his Sharksquad family.

In an age where streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud are giving independent artists a fighting chance the play among the big players, the industry can now add another artist-launched indie label to the list: Bite This, home to dance music's genre-bending DJ and producer Jauz.

Jauz revealed the label on Monday (Nov. 6), along with an announcement that its first big release will be his own Off The Deep End Vol. 1, which will include four Jauz originals -- "Claim To Be," "The Game," "I Hold Still" with Crankdat and "Alpha" -- along with seven remixes of those tracks and a bonus single. 

Off The Deep End Vol. 1 will be released on Friday. Check out Jauz's announcements below.