Steve Aoki on Collaborating With 'Geniuses' BTS: 'They're So Creative on Every Level'

Steve Aoki
Brian Ziff

Steve Aoki

"We're working on some fun stuff."

Genre-bending dance producer Steve Aoki just gave ARMYs a few more crumbs to chew on after confirming his collaboration with BTS in September.

“I know I kind of early spoke on that and then the news got wind,” Aoki told Billboard at Wednesday night's Secret Genius Awards in Los Angeles. “I don't know how much I can say, but we're working on some fun stuff.”

Although it's still just speculation, by working with Aoki, it seems the K-pop superstars’ trajectory toward EDM will continue after teaming up with The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart on “Best of Me” earlier this year. 

While Aoki would not reveal too much about what that "fun stuff" was exactly, the DJ, producer, label head, fashion designer and generally creative entrepreneur did say they were working on "multiple things" and praised the band's versatility and vast interests -- meaning one might suppose their collaboration might actually expand beyond music. 

“I love these guys. These guys are the geniuses,” he said. “They're so creative on every level -- on their dance, on their sound, on their style, their flow, creatively musically, creatively on the fashion tip. They're brand developers. They developed their own brand, and they're global. It's incredible working with artists like that.”?

-- Reporting by Colin Stutz