Marshmello Playfully References deadmau5 in Halloween Treats Cooking Video

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Marshmello in Cooking with Mello: Chocolate Mice

The DJ and producer squashes a chocolate mouse in the how-to clip .

If anyone knows how to make sweet treats fit for Halloween, it's Marshmello. As it turns out, he knows how to sugar-coat his disses, too. 

We know there is a running gag between deadmau5 and Marshmello. The Canadian producer is not a fan of the masked man and he's let people know. Marshmello included a mau5 logo in his video for "Alone," a little jab at the end of the clip -- and the mad mau5 made YouTube take the video down after it hit 10 million views. 

Now, the tricks mix with treats in the first-ever installment of Cooking with Marshmello, which offers viewers a tutorial for making chocolate mice creatures so cute that you'll want to eat them all up. It's an easy, kid-friendly recipe that includes your hands and no hot stove or oven time. At the end of the video, a voice over instructs Marshmello to handle his mouse delicately. "You know how mad these mice can get," the voice says, then Marshmello slams the mouse against the cabinet. 

It's not the most in-your-face shot ever fired, but it does seem like a funny little dig. It also seems like these chocolate mice would be delicious and put to better use by eating than smashing them.