Alan Walker Brings Victorious Sound to 'Legends Never Die' Remix for 'League of Legends': Listen

Rikkard Häggbom
DJ Alan Walker

The good thing about video games is you can die a million times and still come back for more. It doesn't matter if you're terrible, as long as you're having fun -- and the team behind the immensly popular, multi-player, online battle arena game League of Legends will tell you that no one in the game ever really dies. Legends can't die, because their story lives on forever.

So goes the World Championship Anthem for the game, "Legends Never Die." It's a rockin' metal ballad featuring American pop rock band Against the Current. It's anthemic and exciting, but it's not really a "fun" song. So Alan Walker decided to hop on the remix, giving the track a big kick of bright and bouncy. 

Walker's take is a little bit tropical, even almost like a half-time hardstyle tune at the hook -- which might sound weird, but you'll get it when you hear it. It comes just days after the producer debuted his own epic journey of a music video, for latest single "All Falls Down." 

The "Legends Never Die" remix is out now, released by League of Legends on YouTube. Check it out below.