15 Horrifying Dance Songs for Your Halloween Playlist

Yarygin/Getty Images

"Listen to them — children of the night. What music they make."

Dracula said that, and he was talking about wolves, but we're here to talk about dance music. It's Halloween time, which means killer parties, which means you need a damn good soundtrack so you don't dead the dance floor. Luckily for you, Billboard Dance is the gang of ghouls with the devilish goods. These are sinister synth lines. These are bloody beats. This list is so freaking horrifying, it's downright evil. 

Sink your teeth into this monster mix, courtesy of the scariest squad in all of electronic music, and beware.

VHS Glitch – "Dead Bodies"

When you start a Halloween mix, it's important to set a cinematic scene. VHS Glitch is a synthwave act that specializes in horror occult. If you like the Stranger Things soundtrack, you should immediately smash that "follow" button. "Dead Bodies" comes from the album Halloween Strangers, and in no time, this jam will have everyone in the house party looking over their shoulder in a cold sweat, blood pounding in all your ears. 

deadmau5 – "Moar Ghosts 'n' Stuff"

After thoroughly creeping the party out, you've got to hit them with a familiar classic. You might think "Ghosts 'n' Stuff" is the move, but Rob Swire's vocals kind of ruin the creepy effect, and "Moar Ghosts 'n' Stuff" from deadmau5's album For Lack of a Better Name features a spooky vocal sample from the 1957 horror flick The Brain from Planet Arous, as well as thunder cracks and Vincent Price cackles. It's so perfect for Halloween, it's scary.

Danger – "14:54"

Let's keep the eerie synth vibes flowing with this cut from French electro artist Danger's first EP, 9/14 2007. This mysterious, masked producer excels at sonic storytelling, and while a lot of his tunes have a slightly off-putting edge, this song fits the bill in particular. Plus, it totally bumps. Whoever you are, you need more Danger in your life.


RL Grime – "Danger"

I said you need more "Danger," damn it! This cautionary booty-mover comes from Boys Noize and the king of Halloween dance mixes himself, RL Grime. It's a real bass slanger designed to get your girl lower than a basement, but it's still got the space-age noises to make your party out of this world.

Bro Safari feat. DJ Craze – "Spooked"

Alright, let's get some bass in this beast. Bro Safari and DJ Craze put this trap-monster stomper together back in 2013, and four years later, it's a Halloween dance floor classic. More Vincent Price, more blood-curdling shrieks into the night, some random animal noises, computer bleep bloops, and, because they are not novices, plenty of theramin, aka the Halloweeniest instrument known to man.

Gesaffelstein ​– "Hellifornia"

Now that the trunk is rattlin', turn it up with some ghoulish gangster grills. Gesaffelstein lives his life by the code of that Ministry song, "Everyday Is Halloween." This track is his mean-muggin' interpretation of West Coast g-funk swagger. He goes all psycho killer on the drums. The glitch is wild. Don't worry. There aren't actually zombie drug lords coming to kill you. That's just what it sounds like.

Aphex Twin – "Come to Daddy"

You can't make a Halloween music mix and not include Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy." This music video is enough to give you nightmares, as are the horrifying, heavily-filtered lyrics. Dude is hungry, and your soul is lookin' mighty tasty. Aphex Twin absolutely destroys the experimental noise game, and this is one of the evilest beats I've ever heard. It's been 20 years exactly, and can't no one come to close to being this insane.

Skrillex – "Kill Everybody"

Sonny Moore is one of the nicest dudes in the music industry, but Skrillex? He want to "Kill Everybody" in the world, oo-ee-oo-ee-oo. His weapon of choice? Nasty, gnarly dubstep wobbles. One minute you think it's safe to hit the dance floor, and next thing you know, your funk comes with a side of "where did the floor go?" Don't let the cute voice fool ya, this classic cut from 2010's Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP will put blood on your hands.

Handbraekes – "Callgurls"

Hey! You know who's really dead? These "Callgurls." Handbraekes is the super-duo between Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo. They know how to make a good time extra weird. Watch the dance floor get hype to this bizarro-anthem. It's from the duo's debut EP #1. These dudes have a great sense of humor, right?

Justice – "Stress"

Since we're on the subject of experimental electro jams, it's time we bust out the old classic, Justice's "Stress." If you ever need to run away from something, this is the sonic motivation you need to really let the lead out. When this song came out on 2007's (pronounced "Cross"), it was unlike anything anyone had ever heard -- outside of an actual horror movie, of course. Now run for your life, and whatever you do, don't fall.

REZZ – "Paranoid"

REZZ is working herself up to be the queen of queer, skin crawler sound. "Paranoid" is her most fitting Halloween hit. It's got everything you need for a spooky soundtrack: an industrial beat, frightening tension, scary strings and an unnerving beep that just keeps getting higher and higher. You're not making it up. They are coming after you, and they are getting very, very, dangerously close.

Crystal Castles – "Plague"

The eerie atmosphere at the end of "Paranoid" is a good set up for this creepster masterpiece. Alice Glass is a ghostly presence, a shrieking harpy that'll rip your soul or your body. The haunted harmonies on display are totally in line with classic Crystal Castle vibes. Let this one play loud enough that it scares all the trick or treaters.

Perturbator – "Humans Are Such Easy Prey"

This right here is something to write home about. Pertubator is another synth-wielding madman with an eye for the sci-fi creature feature. This might just be my new favorite Halloween go to. It's as if John Carpenter discovered how incredible bass can be. Watch out, the end is a real doozy.

Dodge & Fuski, 12th Planet – "Big Riddim Monsta"

I don't know about you, but this scene is getting a bit overwhelming. We need a good laugh, right? That dude 12th Planet has your back. Sounds like he and the boys from Dodge & Fuski had one helluva good time putting this one together. There's always room for a little kitsch at the Halloween party, but these bone-crushing dubstep womps ain't no joke.

Mr. Oizo feat. Skrillex – "End of the World"

Aww shucks, it's almost over. Not the party, but the world! Hey, silver lining: the end of the world is a party, and it's the most live party in the history of ever, because, like, there's nothing left to lose. Mr. Oizo and Skrillex are back on the list, and they're gonna make you back that thing up into oblivion. Hope you had more treats than tricks, or that the trick at least brought you some treats. Happy Halloween!