Steve Aoki Talks New Creative Partnership With Footwear Brand ASICS: Exclusive

Steve Aoki
Courtesy of UEG Worldwide/ASICS

Steve Aoki x ASICS

Expect some colorful shoes coming soon.

Steve Aoki may be the most active DJ in electronic music right now. Every week, he seems to unveil some new campaign, music video, live performance, or -- and this actually happened -- steam-powered home and office game system. His life is seemingly a whirlwind of international appointments, studio sessions and pitch meetings, but if you ask him how he manages to stay awake for it all, he's unusually chill about it.

"We live in a culture where everything is so fast paced as it is ... I feel like it's very normal," he tells Billboard. "There's so much going on, so many things happening at any given time, and our brains are fast forwarding through life almost. It seems pretty with the times."

He is very much a man of his era and that also means being versatile with hustles and revenue streams coming in from all angles. He's a DJ, producer, label owner, A&R man and mentor to many, but he's not even limited to music. Recently, Aoki has pushed himself to explore the world of street fashion, using his label Dim Mak and its merch as a starting point, as well as partnering with Authentic Brands Group as co-creator of Vision Street Wear in August of this year. Now, he's announced a new intersection into the fashion world, bringing together his love of athleticism and aesthetics as a creative partner and brand ambassador for ASICS.

"What I like to do is build bridges between the different worlds that are very meaningful to me," he says, "find ways to reference them, to give them light in different artistic ways."

It's that same spirit Aoki brings to his latest collaboration, coming onboard ASICS' I MOVE ME campaign.

"ASICS stands for Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, a Sound Mind in a Sound Body and we are so excited to show the world a reimagined interpretation of that mantra," Gene McCarthy, president and CEO of ASICS Americas, said in a statement. "I MOVE ME is more than a campaign. It is a movement representative of the evolution and growth of the ASICS brand. We are setting out to re-frame our narrative, deepen relationships with our core consumers and connect with a new generation of fitness minded consumers."

Aoki's been on an athletic kick lately. He recently announced a creative partnership with STRONG by Zumba, a non-dance high intensity workout, for which he wrote original music based on the workout. It's a sensible fit for the active DJ. Not only is he a workout buff, he's got one of the most high-intensity, physically-challenging live shows on circuit. He's always jumping around, giving it his all, so he knows how important movement can be in tandem with looking good. 

He's also stoked to be on board with a global Japanese brand, given his own Japanese-American heritage and international appeal.

"ASICS is like, 'We wanna hear what you have to offer, we want to hear your vision,'" Aoki says. "It's not just like slap on these shoes and instagram post a couple pictures. It's much broader than that, which is what I want, so I'm really excited.... I'm already in the drawing board room with the creative team, giving references and mood boards. I move pretty quickly."

The I MOVE ME line will launch Aoki's creations in the months to ahead and he promises the pieces will be as colorful as the music coming soon as part of his Neon Future III trilogy LP. Head over to ASICS online for more information and get inspired to move with the launch video below.