Seven Lions & Kill The Noise Explore an Instrumental Universe of Sound on 'Cold Hearted'

Courtesy of Dove Shore
Seven Lions

Dance music loves a good vocal, but if you've got a sick beat, gnarly noise and a sweeping melody, you really don't need it. 

Take Seven Lions' new collaboration with Kill The Noise, "Cold Hearted" -- the only semblance of a vocal is this line that kind of sounds like someone saying the song title, but the whole jam is founded on this awesome sonic exploration of sound and style. It's a little bit spacy with a synth house melody, then it kicks you in the face with some grimy, bass-riddled filth.

This drop is gonna make you do the parrot dance, which means you're gonna poke your head around like a freaky bird, your shoulders going all over the place. It's got a classic American dubstep growl, though, if someone were gonna hit the remix, we'd love to hear it over some d'n'b drums.

"Cold Hearted" is the kind of song you can easily put on repeat. Both Seven Lions and Kill The Noise are monsters in the studio. No surprise they came up with something extra clean. It's out everywhere today on Monstercat. Listen to "Cold Hearted" below.