Rusko Is Cancer Free, Shares His Story in Live Stream Interview

Dale Berman/Syfy/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
DJ Rusko

"That was kind of mad,"

After months of intensive treatment, dubstep icon Rusko has announced in a live stream interview that he is officially cancer free.

In the session, he recounted the sudden and almost off-hand way in which he was diagnosed: What he thought was a bad stomach virus ended up to be full-body lymphoma, having reached his blood, bone marrow and more -- not the gastric lymphoma he originally announced to fans to fans earlier this year. Rusko had been forced to cancel his remaining tour schedule and focused on healing. He underwent chemotherapy, smiling and updating fans the whole way through.

"That was kind of mad," he says in the live stream with YourEDM. "For months leading up to that I had been sick. I had been vomiting a lot in the night and been having really bad back pains and chest pains and stuff, which turns out it was tumors. it was actually tumors inside my body pressing against my spine and pressing on my rib cage that was causing the pain and causing the sickness."

Even as he tells the story, he's smiling and laughing. He's truly one of the most happy-go-lucky and positive people in the dance music community. The silver lining was that his form of cancer was statistically high for survival and his youthful strength was a boon. Today, he says he is cancer free.

Watch the full video interview below.