The 20 Best Drake Remixes and Covers: Critic's Picks

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Drake attends The Summer Sixteen Concert after-Party at The Mansion Elan on Aug. 27, 2016 in Atlanta.  

All hail Drake, the sadboy king, the OVO ting, the living legend who single-handedly renamed Toronto "the 6" for seemingly no real reason at all.

He was once a young actor, but his acting days are over, 'cept he can't stop acting like he's the best because he is. There were a solid four years when it felt like Drake was dropping a new hit song every month. Since Nothing Was the Same, he switched up his whole release strategy, dropping singles apropos of nothing, turning diss tracks into scene anthems and making surprise albums and Spotify playlists into weapons of mass radio destruction. 

He can play it hard and dark, he can play it light and romantic, he can play it tropical, danceable and everything in between. Drake brings that heat every time, in large part due to his great production team with 40 and the rest. It's incredibly inspiring for other producers in the electronic scene. There's even an L.A. party series that hits the road called Drake Party that just plays sick Drake remixes all night.

Speaking of Drake remixes, check out these Drake songs remixed from some of the most talented producers in the dance music scene, and even some covers from some of your other favorite R&B, pop and hip-hop artists.

Rihanna & Drake - "Work" (R3hab Remix)

R3hab is one of the music industry's most beloved go-to remixers. He takes a summer smash you could sing backwards in your sleep and turns it inside out and upside down. One moment it's sweet and sugary, the perfect teenage love story soundtrack, then he turns it out into a sexy bass beat for the devilish adults in the room. The chipmunk vocal chop and the trap drums on the hook are booty-rockin' bonus.

​Rihanna - "Work" feat. Drake (Phantoms Remix)

It's always fun to pit two remixes of the same song next to one another. This version from the ever-funky dudes of Phantoms turns up the disco vibes with space-ace sounds and a healthy walking bassline. It keeps the alluringly simple synth notes in tact, fading Rihanna's sensual drawl in and out of focus, as if you're peeping her from across a dark, neon flashing dance floor. Come hither, okay?

Meek Mill & Drake - "R.I.C.O." (Vincent Remix)

Remember when Meek Mill and Drake got along? Before Drake buried Mill with a Powerpoint presentation on memes and went "Back to Back" on that dude? They once put out this hot track called "R.I.C.O.," and Vincent's take is even stompier than the mean-muggin' original. You're gonna wanna drive slow to this one, and then suddenly put peddle to the metal. It'd be a good choice for your next run.

Drake - "Come Thru" (James Blake Remix)

There is no better sensual co-sign than a remix from meloncholy melody king James Blake. This is a Drake remix circa the Nothing Was the Same days. Shortly after came a series of stand-alone singles including "0 to 100 / The Catch Up," the latter half of which also featured James Blake on the mic. This remix is intense and dischordant, a synthetic take on the way Drake is so often torn between settling down with the woman of his dreams and being a player. Oh, the tangled webs we weave.

Drake - "Trophies" (Tim Gunter Remix)

They do make awards for remixes, and this is a formal nomination of Tim Gunter for best Drake remix out there. These synths are so big, the drums hit so hard and Drake is godly as ever. "Trophies" is definitely one of the best Drake songs. It's the ultimate motivation music, and Gunter somehow made it even more massive. This is cinematic. This remix is a movie.

Drake - "Over" (Ayobi Remix)

Ooh, get eerie with it. This minor chord beat will have you leaning in the club and wishing a hater would. It goes hard in the trap and makes the pretty girls wanna dance. This the kind of remix that'll make you throw 100s when you should be throwin' ones. Two thumbs up for the kid Ayobi for this monster Drake remix.

Drake - "0 to 100" (Grandtheft Bootleg)

It's fitting Grandtheft has a Drake bootleg, right? With the wordplay, right? This remix is so hot, it should be stolen. It goes without saying that "0 to 100" is a Drake classic, and the drop on this remix feels like the shock of sudden speed, but it's real smooth, so it must be a nice whip. Put this one on blast and see how hard your trunk rattles.

Fetty Wap & Drake - "My Way" (PhatCap! Remix)

You know you can't have a best remix list without a touch of Jersey club. This is half trap, half bed squeakin' goodness. It's like the Arnold Palmer of sick beats. It's fitting, because Fetty Wap is from Jersey. Drake really only comes in for the "god damn," but that remains one of the best lines of the song. If this is the way you have to have it, sign us up.

Drake - "Hotline Bling" (Charlie Puth & Kehlani Cover) [Wildfellaz & Arman Cekin Remix]

Remember when "Hotline Bling" came out and everyone and your mom did a cover? Charlie Puth and Kehlani definitely delivered one of the sexiest renditions, and Wildfellaz and Arman Cekin come in to turn the sensuality up to 11. Be careful when you play this one. It might have you texting all your exes that live in Texas, like you're George Straight.

P Reign - "DnF" Feat. Drake & Future (ESenTRIK Remix)

Wooing in the modern age really does come down to some well-timed booze and bedroom action. Maybe it's a little sad, but it doesn't have to be. It can be catchy and fun, like this remix of P. Reign's Drake featured song "DnF" from ESenTRIK. Future is on the beat, too. All the Drake and Future stuff is great, but of course, Drake's verse is the one that gets the heaviest spotlight.

Drake - "Too Good" Feat. Rihanna (Conor Maynard, Sarah Close Cover)

Drake and Rihanna turn a heartbreaking story into a dancehall inspired move buster, but Conor Maynard and Sarah Close take the tempo down to turn the waterworks back on. They also insert a hot future bass hook. Your bedroom didn't know what it was missing.

Drake - "Hotline Bling" (Kiana Cover)

Sit down and prepare to be floored by this one. Kiana Brown is a clear talent. Her rendition of this instant pop classic will give your shivers. She's an angel. If she doesn't go on to become a huge R&B star, the system is broken. Should out Mike Woods on the keys.

Hotline Bling - Drake (William Singe Cover)

Drake is an icon, but William Singe over here is a one-man band. He's also a total panty-dropper on this raspy, heartfelt, down-tempo turn out. "Hotline Bling" has been covered an remixed more than any other song this decade, but this is the hottest version we've ever heard. Be careful when you play this one. Everyone in the room is liable to fall in love.

Drake vs Nicky Jam - "One Dance" vs "Hasta el Amanecer" (Alex Aiono Mash Up)

Dancehall was everything in 2016, and it continues to be hot on the 2017 pop charts. This smart cutie took two dancehall hits and put them together to create one bigger, better, brighter jam for your party atmopshere. Also, that smile is too good. We could watch Mr. Aiono sing all day.

Drake - "Controlla" (Alex Aiono Cover)

Be still, your heart. More Aiono coming in hot, doing a way sexy synthed-up version of Drake's "Controlla." He goes in on his own original rap verse halfway through, which will definitely be the moment you fall in love with Aiono forever. 

Drake - "Passionfruit" (Paramore Cover)

Everyone was all "'Passionfruit' is the single" the moment Drake's Views hit digital shelves. It took all of two minutes for it to become a fan favorite, and Paramore proves that it isn't just Drake who makes it a jam. This melody is perfectly translated to guitar and keys, and Hayley Williams wins our heart with her lullaby vocals. We love the playful reference to "Hold On We're Going Home" at the end, too.

Drake - "Feel No Ways" (Chance the Rapper Cover)

Literally everyone loves the Drake. Here, we hear the incomparable Chance the Rapper do his own cartoony take on Drake's sing-song style. His is a soulful slow down. He really brings out the heartbreak to get us feeling all types of ways. He also takes some creative license with the lyrics for a more personal take, and to make you chuckle. Seriously, it's a whole new song by the time he's done.

Drake - "Fake Love" (Shawn Mendes Cover)

Maybe part of the reason everyone loves covering Drake songs is because they tap into something we can all relate to. Superstars must love all his songs about not knowing who to trust. Shawn Mendes definitely seems to be coming from a place of understanding. He doesn't need anything but his voice and his guitar to get this one across, and it hits us in all the right places.

Drake - Take Care (Medley) by SoMo & Cody Tarpley

Take Care was Drake's second studio album and six years later, it still hangs a heavy bar for which all R&B, hip-hop and pop artists must reach. Here, SoMo and Cody Tarplay turn some of the LP's most memorable moments into a smoldering six-and-a-half-minute medley. "Headlines," "Shot For Me," "Make Me Proud" and more.

Drake - The Motto (Jon Bellion Cover)

"The Motto" is the Drake song that spawned a lifestyle movement. Your damn grandma says YOLO, so you know it's real. "The Motto" is one of Drake's rap tunes, but Jon Bellion turns it into an R&B groove by singing the verses. So, in case you ever wanted to hear what it would be like as a slow jam, here's your chance.


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