Giraffage Bares His Soul on 'Too Real' Debut Album

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Giraffage poses backstage during day 1 of HARD Day of the Dead at Fairplex on Nov. 1, 2014 in Pomona, Calif.

"The process of writing this album broke me apart and then put me back together."

When Giraffage set out to write his debut solo album, he knew it would be a hard road -- but maybe he didn't know how hard.

His sweet, adorable, nostalgic sound doesn't scream tortured artist, but behind the scenes he was a real wreck.

"The process of writing this album broke me apart and then put me back together," he tweets. "A piece of my soul, straight from me to u(sic). I hope that it makes you feel something."

If you've ever been a Giraffage fan, Too Real will definitely hit your mark. Lead single "Slowly" set the tone right for 10 tracks that explore the artist's candy-colored sensibility through all his highs and lows. It's shimmering and easygoing with '80s and '90s kitsch. It's ready for the club, the bedroom, or the long drive. It's romantic on "Green Tea" with Angela Bass and raw with the bass on "Earth." Here's hoping "19 Hours" featuring Harrison Lipton is the next official single.

It's definitely an emotional journey worth taking. It might also be the last time you hear those AIM bleeps again. As Giraffage says on Twitter, it's 35 minutes of fun two years in the making. Make his hard work worth it and listen to Too Real below.