Marshmello Drops 'Silence' Video With Khalid, Sings On Pop-Punk Song 'You & Me'

Marshmello Ft. Khalid, "Silence"
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Marshmello featuring Khalid, "Silence"

Troubled teens find peace in the neon night in Marshmello and Khalid's new music video for "Silence." Whatever horror awaits them at home is nothing as they take off into the darkness on trusty bicycle steeds. Khalid gives a camera-ready performance, easy in the part of high schooler -- a role the 19-year-old singer songwriter only just cast off in real life.

"Silence" has been a hit for the fresh pair, peaking at no. 42 on the Hot 100. The music video should only help push it further up the charts. He takes no breaks, though, and today, he shares a new jam.

No, that's not Blink 182 on the feature, but it does sound just like it. It's actually Marshmello on the mic, so we can at least say with great assurance that he fancies himself a little Mark Hoppus. Pop-punk is back and brighter than ever on "You & Me," a bouncy heartbreak anthem for the heavily eye-lined 15 year old in you. Grab your striped-sock arm warmers, throw on the chunkiest belt you've got, and start swinging those limbs around like the mosh pit is for sad kids. 

"You & Me" still has those rainbow-colored synth stabs and the semblance of a future trap beat, but the snotty vocals and clap-along pop-punk vibes definitely take center stage. No telling when Marshmello will headline his first Warped Tour, but if it happened now, we wouldn't be surprised.

The new tune is out now on Marshmello's Joytime Collective. Listen to "You & Me" and watch "Silence" below.