ZHU Partners With Adidas China to Debut New Song 'Waters of Monaco'

ZHU "Waters of Monaco" (Adidas China Pure Edit)
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ZHU "Waters of Monaco"

If you're a dude like ZHU and you make music this cold, you need to snuggle up in something stylish. The dark, sensual producer's latest single "Waters of Monaco" is even deeper and silkier than usual. It's so chill, he had to team up with Adidas for the sports and street-fashion brand's winter collection just to share it with the world.

"Waters of Monaco" is out now in China, but you'll have to watch the official Adidas campaign to hear the tune yet in the States. The clip features modeling by Chinese star Angelababy. She's looking cool and comfortable in the Adidas Pure jacket, crisp as hell in white with lots of down cushion. ZHU stays rockin' gear from his NIGHTDAY Collection, a fashion line you can also catch featured in EA's FIFA 2018 as a playable jersey. 

The clothes look extra cool set to this laidback beat. Shout out the suspenders inside this puffy jacket, too. Something about the way Angelababy swings the jacket around so carefree really makes me feel like I need those things. Watch the clip below and see for yourself.