Kygo Announces Sophomore LP 'Kids in Love' and Reveals Release Date

Christopher Patey
Kygo photographed on May 18th at Nightingale Plaza in West Hollywood.

All this build up hasn't been for nothing. The stream of videos posted to Kygo's Instagram of people talking their first loves helps promote his single "Kids in Love" -- set to hit your ear drums in full Friday, Oct. 20 -- but it also syncs with the name of his next album. 

Kids in Love the LP comes to fans Friday, Nov. 3. The Norwegian producer took to IG to announce the release, one he's been cooking up all year and is quite excited to release.

"Being a kid in love is that concept of being super-passionate about someone or something," he says. "I’ve been [super-passionate] about playing the piano since I was 6 years old, whenever I make a song or melody that I really like, I feel like a kid in love."

"Kids in Love" the single sounds like it's going to have an epic, '80s ballad feel. Billboard Dance can't wait to hear what the rest of the LP sounds like. Watch the IG announcement below.


#KidsInLove Out tomorrow!!--

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