Ephwurd Launches Eph'd Up Records, Drops Bass House Single 'Phunky Beats': Exclusive

Piper Ferguson
Bais Haus and Datsik of Ephwurd

Festival season is just about over, and as the chill creeps into your autumn evenings, producers crawl back into their studios to bring you fresh beats hot out the oven. Bass, as a sound, is particularly warm. May we suggest this new fatty from Ephwurd?

"Phunky Beats" featuring JVST SAY YES is a real switch-hitter from two of the bass scene's most dynamic heat slingers. Datsik and Bais Haus are bad dudes on their own. Together, they've been churning out dank drops as Ephwurd since summer of 2015. This cuffing season, Ephwurd takes its relationship one step further. This jukin', jammin' anthem "Phunky Beats" is more than just bassy bliss. It's actually the first release from Ephwurd's new label, Eph'd Up Records.

"As artists who enjoy a broad range of music going from the most hype tunes to the most chill, we wanted to be able to freely give music to our fans without the time constraints of a label," the duo says in a joint statement. "Sometimes we finish a song, and it won't be months until you, the fans, get to hear what we have been working on, and it's such a huge bummer. Eph'd Up Records gives us the freedom to give you folks music when we want and when you deserve it, because life is happening now, and it's not set on some schedule."

Fans may have heard "Phunky Beats" in some of Ephwurd's festival sets this summer, whether as the duo or as Datsik and Bais Haus, respectively. The upbeat tune has been around for about a year. This monster drop is finally out to maul your unsuspecting ears. 

Eph'd Up Records represents Datsik's second label. Firepower has been one of the favorites of the dubstep scene since it founded in 2012. He's looking forward to a new challenge alongside some of his best mates.

"There are definitely many ins and outs to owning a record label," he says, "however, one of the most important things is a solid team. From management, distribution, and PR, to artwork and mastering, these things need to come together with the right timing and proper execution in order to make it all work. Starting a new label is definitely exciting, and it makes it even more exciting knowing I already have the team in place to get the ball moving with precision. We've been heavily involved in the bass music scene for some time now, its going to be an exciting challenge to see if we can break out of that specific mold and take our music to a wider more global audience. As Buzz Lightyear once said, 'to infinity and beyond!'"