Tiësto's 'Club Life: China' Is High-Octane Electro House for the Festival Frontier: Exclusive

Jordan Loyd

From Las Vegas to Miami, Stockholm to New York, Tiësto's CLUBLIFE mix album series has traveled the world in search of inspiration, drawing from the most exciting frontiers of the dance music scene to capture the purest energy of the electronic scene through the years. Of course, nothing pops off right now quite like the Asian market, so Tiësto packed his bags for China, and the result is, in a word, "big."

“This album is very different than anything else out there," Tiësto says. "It’s basically custom-made for the big festivals and for the big stadium shows. It’s like, when I play for 40,000 people, this is what I want to hear. The stuff on this album is what I want to play, and the crowd I see over there [in China] inspires me and us to make this style of music.”

CLUBLIFE Vol 5: China was a collaborative effort with John Christian, a fellow Dutch artist with the sound collective Sounds With A Certain Quality, or SWACQ.  

“I met John Christian a long time ago," Tiësto says. "He made a cover of my track 'Flight 563,' and right away, I heard that this guy has something special. He has a very special production quality that is a lot higher than most producers in the world. He then introduced me to SWACQ, and we decided to create this whole movement together. We tried to make the most epic dance album which is full of banging music that is really energetic and ready to go for festivals and big parties.”

In 57-and-a-half minutes, it's mission accomplished. From start to finish, CLUBLIFE Vol 5: China is a wild roller coaster of styles and sounds. It's got all the rhythms of the festival green, and it's going to push you to the edge of your seat, wherever you may be in the world.

"I wanted to really bring back the feeling I get when I’m onstage, back into the music. I really tried to create an album that represents the feeling literally when you’re DJing live."

CLUBLIFE Vol 5: China is out Friday, Oct. 6, but you can listen to it in full below, exclusively on Billboard Dance

Tiesto Club Life: China Tracklist
1. Tiësto & KSHMR ft Talay Riley - Harder (Harder Intro Edit)
2. Tiësto & VASSY - Faster Than A Bullet
3. Tiësto & John Christian - Scream
4. Tiësto ft. StarGate & Aloe Blacc - Carry You Home (Tiësto’s Big Room Mix)
5. Tiësto - No Worries (Tiësto’s Big Room Mix)
6. Tiësto & Sevenn - Boom
7. Tiësto & Diplo - C’mon (John Christian Remix)
8. John Christian - Back To The Oldskool
9. Tiësto - Fat Beat
10. John Christian - Funkastarz
11. Tiësto & Dzeko – Crazy (Tiësto’s Big Room Mix)
12. John Christian - Revolt
13. Tiësto & SWACQ - Sumos
14. SWACQ - Guerrilla
15. Tiësto - Don't Stop
16. SWACQ - The Impact
17. Tiësto, John Christian & SWACQ – Brolab
18. Z.Tao – Time (Tiësto’s Big Room Mix)