Axwell & NEW_ID Make an Anthem of Pauls Paris' Moses York-Featuring 'Make Your Mind Up' With New Remode: Exclusive

Francesco Ragazzi


A lot more goes into a track than fans could ever know. That new tune you have on repeat? It might have started its journey five years ago, or, in the special case of this Axwell and NEW_ID Remode of Pauls Paris "Make Your Mind Up" (featuring Moses York), it's an epic saga spanning seven years of evlutionary growth.

"Make Your Mind Up" first came to Axwell as an unsolicited demo to his label Axtone in 2010. He loved it, and he debuted it as part of the Swedish House Mafia take over of Pete Tong's Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1 in May of 2011. Fans were into it right from the start, but the next five years saw the song unreleased, going through start and stop redesigns, with Axwell and Pauls Paris in close contact. They had to find a way to amp the tune to Axwell's ultimate vision, and of course, given half a decade, visions change.

By February of 2017, Axwell and NEW_ID had transformed his version of "Make Your Mind Up" into a shimmering, energetic house anthem crisp enough to be modern but big enough to be timeless. He dropped the tune in his Axtone Miami set at the Delano during 2017's Miami Music Week, and in July, he gave it a few final touches before playing it at the Axtone stage at Tomorrowland.

It came full circle in September when the final "Make Your Mind Up" Axwell & NEW_ID Remode made its radio debut on BBC Radio 1, six years after that original drop. Today, you get to hear it, replay it, and commit its uplifting chords to memory with the Billboard Dance exclusive play below. It's a catchy song, and it's been through a lot to get here. Enjoy.