NGHTMRE's 'On The Run' With PASSEPORT Is a Wild, Worldly Electric Rock Jam: Listen

Koury Angelo

Someone woke up feeling very Guns N' Roses this morning, and hopefully, you did, too. Even if you didn't, NGHTMRE's latest single "On The Run" will make you ride that electric tiger into the bright lights of the big stage, one rockin' riff at a time. 

"On The Run" is deliciously textured and complex, with a running melodic theme that weaves in and out of instrumentation, genres, and styles. One moment, it's soft and romantic, the next it's hair metal at it's best, then suddenly, it's a side-winder through an Asiatic desert. Passeport plays pretty the mic, working her coy vocals into whatever mood strikes. 

As the lead single for his upcoming EP, "On The Run" is a real cool sign of things to come. The EP will be released on Mad Decent soon enough, but you can listen to the single below.