Listen to New Robin Schulz's 'Unforgettable' Single With Marc Scibilia: Exclusive

Robert Wunsch
Robin Schulz

Robin Schulz has his third album Uncovered set to release on Friday (Sept. 29), but fans are getting a treat in advance today with "Unforgettable," exclusive to Billboard Dance

Schulz, a powerhouse German DJ/producer who has blossomed to international acclaim, has enlisted American independent artist Marc Scibilia to sing on the record.

"'Unforgettable' is one of my favorite tracks on my third album Uncovered because of the way it builds up," Schulz tells Billboard. "It's very intense but also danceable, and Marc Scibilia's voice adds very well to the atmosphere of the song. I hope people will like it as much as I do!" 

The track begins with what sounds like an exhale, and threads a pulsating beat underneath Scibilia's voice -- singing, in the first verse, "I couldn't tell you a thing about that night/ Between the drinks and the blinding lights/ But even if just for a moment or two/ I danced with you, I danced with you, I danced with you." 

Scibilia, whose hushed voice bears traces of Maroon 5's Adam Levine, paints a narrative of a wild night that produced only one haunting memory: an unforgettable face.

Schulz considers Uncovered his "best album to date." Stay tuned for the full project tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can stream "Unforgettable" below.