REZZ Unveils 60-Page 'Mass Manipulation' Comic Book & Hypnotizing Animated Video For 'Premonition'

Rezz, 2017
Will Selviz


Music sales aren't what they used to be, and today's musicians exist in a world that so easily encourages cross-medium experimentation and storytelling. It's never been easier to bring your tale to life with vibrant visuals, and share those images with the world. For REZZ, whose work tells so vivid a story with its creepy chords and dark themes, embracing that opportunity means bringing her debut album Mass Manipulation to life in the form of a 60-page comic book.

She teamed with illustrator and animator Luis Colindres to bring the dystopian, psychedelic sound of her Mass Manipulation to life. It's the story of a young REZZ just as she arrives on Earth from the cold, watery planet of Neptune. She has come to hypnotize the people of Earth, and they will learn to love her eery, industrial techno. Who can resist those eyes?

The comic book is available for pre-order online, and is paired with an animated music video for “Premonition” feat. Knodis. Created by the aforementioned Colindres and Adelaido Olea, it begins with a freaky intro that melts into two friends wandering off into the woods, somewhat uneasy but in search of mischief and adventure.

Mysterious glowing orbs appear to float in the distant trees, and we as insiders know this to be REZZ' cheshire smile. The producer makes her grand appearance just when the hook drops, raw and heavy. It's a gritty noise, and the unsuspecting adventurers are now utter, totally transfixed.

The cartoon swims with sci-fi imagery. Alien faces and hallucinogenic beings frolic through trippy visuals. A friendly snake gets involved. Even more fans flock to the psychedelic noise REZZ creates. It's kind of autobiographical. It's got a happy ending.

It's kooky and fun, and damn does “Premonition” bang. You can get hypnotized, too, if you catch REZZ on tour in support of Mass Manipulation, hitting cities near you now through the end of October. Pre-order the comic book today, and check out the official music video for “Premonition” below.