Odesza Opens Up to Fans About Logo, Chet Porter & More in Reddit AMA

Tonje Thilesen


Odesza just released its most exciting album to date and is now heading out on the road with a brand-new, over-the-top, immersive production to bring the music of A Moment Apart to fans in a way listening to the record just can't capture. That means the duo has been on a bit of a press run, which includes taking some time to speak to fans directly during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 26).

When fans asked the questions, things got real. We finally got the backstory on the band's awesome geometric logo (which is called an "icosahedron," which means polyhedron with 20 faces, in case you're not a math wiz).

"The icosahedron represents all the different genres and styles we incorporate into our sound and bring together into a cohesive track/album," Odesza writes. "This is represented by these different pieces coming together to build an iconic shape."

It turns out Odesza's favorite person is Chet Porter -- shout out that boy. Odesza is taking Porter on tour as the band supports A Moment Apart, having also shared a bill with him this summer at what the duo says is its favorite festival, Electric Forest. And speaking of live, turns out collaborator Luke Tanaka creates all the stage visuals, but Odesza's own Harrison Mills, who studied graphic design in college, puts together the album artwork.

The guys also gave insight for anyone who might just be getting started with their own production and talked a bit about their creative process, as well as their favorite spots in the country to bring their sound to life.

Read the full AMA on Reddit, and look out for Odesza performing in a city near you.