Sharam Completes 'Collecti' Trilogy With Four New Tracks: Listen to Exclusive Stream

 Paul Trapani

D.C.-based artist Sharam has been building out his dark techno project Collecti since the summer, cutting it up into three parts. Having released the first two over the course of a month, Billboard Dance has the pleasure of exclusively streaming the third and final part of the series. 

Collecti (Part 3) consists of four pulsating cuts that lean more Detroit than Berlin and exhibit hypnotic percussion patterns alongside head-bobbing grooves.

"Collecti is a culmination of work that represents my endeavors into a sound that has always been near and dear to my heart and central to my sets: techno," Sharam says. "My love affair with the genre goes back to my early days playing clubs in D.C."

He adds, "For my last album Retroactive, I was fixated on all of my influences over the years, for this album, however, my focus is on the darker realms. These records are my dance floor experiments, my secret weapons, tracks that have been driving my sets and I'm excited to share this body of work with everyone."

Listen to Collecti (Part 3) below:

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