3LAU Donates $20K in Proceeds From Houston Show to Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort: Watch

Nikko Lamere


If there's ever to be an award for most charitable DJ, let's be sure to nominate 3LAU, who's dedicated a large part of his career to giving back. His label BLUME operates as a non-profit with the express operative of turning over surplus gain to charities around the world. Even before he founded BLUME, he'd raised nearly $100,000 for the group Pencils of Promise, which funds the construction of schools in the developing world.

When show organizers told 3LAU he'd have to cancel his show due to Hurricane Harvey, his big wheels got to turnin'. Not only did 3LAU choose to reschedule, he decided he'd give 100 percent of ticket proceeds back to the Houston community. It was a sold-out show at Stereo Live, and its 3,000-capacity ticket buyers helped raise $20,000, all of which will go to Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts. 

3LAU shared the news with the audience, and you can watch that magic moment in the video, shared to Twitter, below. Shout out 3LAU for always doing the right thing. They don't have no awards for that.