New Love Puts The Whole World On Pause in Avicii's 'Lonely Together' With Rita Ora: Watch

Avicii feat. Rita Ora, "Lonely Together"
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Avicii feat. Rita Ora, "Lonely Together"

If you could pause the whole world, what would you do? Would you run amok in a crowded space? Would you play a prank on the unsuspecting? Would you just give yourself a little time to breathe?

That's the fantasy video director and longtime Avicii collaborator Levan Tsikurishvili tackles, with assistance from co-director Phillip R. Lopez, in the impressive clip for the producer's “Lonely Together,” featuring Rita Ora. Everything in this crazy world is frozen, except for this young couple, which is a pretty good metaphor for fresh love, right?

We're not sure how Tsikurishvili, Lopez, and crew pulled this one off, but it's definitely cool to see. The video also features steamy performance scenes from Ora.

Watch the official music video for “Lonely Together,” from the producer's recent AV?CI EP, below.