Audien's Sophomore EP 'Some Ideas' Hugs Old & New Sounds, Including Hardstyle: Listen

Katy Redell

Whether you're a day-one fan or a fresh listener to Audien's catalogue, his sophomore EP will likely take you by surprise. The body of work, entitled Some Ideas, dropped today (Sept. 15) on Astralwerks and is comprised of three tracks.

The producer eases in the masses with "Message," a lush production that showcases plush pads, rich chords and an uplifting melody that could only be crafted by Audien himself. The head-bobbing tune serves as a refresher to his loyal followers who first fell in love with his melodic soundscapes released on Anjunabeats.  

He follows "Message" with arguably the most noteworthy track of the bunch, "Rampart," a collaboration with hardstyle up-and-comer Gammer. A delicate piano melody leads the race, but is soon interjected by stadium-sized hardstyle synths that swat the song over to a bass-craving, rail-riding audience. 

The EP's closing track is aptly titled "Resolve" and acts as a sonic palette cleanser, bringing listeners back to Audien's signature state. "Some Ideas is something I've wanted to release for a while," Audien says in a statement. "Each song has been a staple in my live sets for the past couple months. I worked on these songs exclusively on the road and you can also hear them on my Eupohria Tour, which I'm currently having a blast on." 

See below for the full list of tour dates, as well as the official stream of Some Ideas, below.