Galantis Retains Its Dance-Pop Crown on Sophomore Album 'The Aviary': Listen

Jimmy Fontaine

Right from the get, Galantis' new album The Aviary is a bright, bubbly, glass of champagne. It's luxurious and celebratory, the perfect kind of pop dance, and exactly what makes Galantis one of the most-skilled songwriting teams in the current electronic game.

The duo brings all the fun and fancy of its debut LP Pharmacy but with even more bite and exploration. Fans will recognize singles “Girls on Boys, “Hunter,” “No Money,” and “Love On Me,” but it's the songs you haven't already heard that will really tickle your taste buds.

The Aviary blasts off with “True Feeling” and comes in cool with a subtle drum'n'bass nod on “Hey Alligator.” It's playful and perky, rainbow-colored candy paint on a sleek, sex machine. “Salvage (Up All Night)” featuring Justin Bieber-collaborator Poo Bear is a burst of excitement. “Tell Me You Love Me” featuring Throttle is a handful of soul-pop confetti.

There's no sleeper tunes, no lulls in the jump off. It's fizzy lifting tracks straight across the board, from start to finish. The Aviary is out everywhere today on Atlantic. Go ahead and get swept away in its rays of sunshine below.