Electronic Music Awards Announces 'Detroit Dock' Performance Area to Honor Techno Icons

Paul Warner/Getty Images
Juan Atkins performs at the Backpack Music Festival as part of Arise Detroit Neighborhood Day on Aug. 3, 2013 in Detroit.

The dock will feature performances from Juan Atkins, The Saunderson Brothers and more during the EMAs.

Techno. It's what kids crave. All your friends who listened to David Guetta in 2010 now sport black v-necks, charge crystals, and head to the Mecca of Detroit each May to participate in the Motor City's long-running Movement Festival where techno reigns in all its many minimal forms.

Okay, we jest, but techno really has seen a resurgence in the past couple years. It's become one of the most exciting genres in dance music, and stateside, that's quite the feat. It's time we honor the men who founded the genre nearly 40 years ago, and the first-ever Electronic Music Awards wanna step up to the plate.

The event proudly presents The Detroit Dock, an arena dedicated to techno's originators which will celebrate the legacy of icons with performances from genre grandfather Juan Atkins, DJ Delano Smith, a live set from Robert Hood as Floorplan, and The Saunderson Brothers.

The Detroit Dock will mirror Detroit's industrial past by giving its loading dock outdoor space a factory/warehouse feel. It's also in-line with the EM Awards no-sitting policy. This show has room for dancing only, and don't expect any acceptance speeches or party breaks. It's gonna be performances and celebrations all night long. Don't forget, performances from Moby, Orbital, Illenium, and more have already been announced.

The EM Awards will be livestreamed via Twitter, beginning at 7:47 p.m. PST, as well as via radio on SiriusXM. It's going down live in Los Angeles Thursday, Sept. 21. It's free with RSVP to anyone in the area. Head over there if you can, and watch Billboard Dance's own Matt Medved play host alongside Revolt TV's Hannah Rad.