San Holo Dances Through the Sads on 'I Still See Your Face,' Announces 22-Track Bitbird Compilation: Exclusive

San Holo, 2017
Thorwald Van Den Akker

San Holo

Sometimes, the messy mistakes we make are the most honest moments of our lives. There's something holy about revealing yourself to the world, and on his latest single “I Still See Your Face,” San Holo finds his own rough-cut vocals are the truth he desires most.

"Last year, I wrote this song on one of the many hotel beds I sleep in on tour,” he writes in an emailed statement. “I recorded some demo vocals on my noisy Macbook microphone, thinking I would find a good vocalist later in the process to finish the song with. Yet for some reason these first crappy recordings sounded so right on this song, I decided to keep my own vocals on it this time."

It's a beautiful song, somehow sad while remaining hopeful, like the moment we decide to wipe our tears away and look toward the sun. It's lifted to whimsical heights thanks to a dancing hook of candy piano keys. We have to agree with him, too: The rough vocals were the right choice.

“I Still See Your Face” is the lead single for The Gouldian Finch 2, a new compilation LP from San Holo's label bitbird. The 22-track release celebrates the range of bitbird's artistic lineup, featuring new gems from Autolaser, Jest A Gent, DROELOE, and more. It caps with a massive “mega collab,” featuring production work from San Holo, Eastghost, Analogue Dear, Taska Black, DROELOE, Losi, ILIVEHERE, and GOSLO.

The Gouldian Finch 2 is out on bitbird Thursday, Oct. 5. Listen to “I Still See Your Face” below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.