SXM Festival Raises Funds for St. Martin's in Wake of Hurricane Irma Devestation

Hurricane Irma Saint-Martin

A photo taken on Sept. 7, 2017 shows damage in Orient Bay on the French Caribbean island of Saint-Martin after the passage of Hurricane Irma.

Since 2016, the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Martin has played host to house and techno DJs and fans from all around the world during spring's SXM Festival. Now, the island and its inhabitants are overwhelmed by devastation in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Streets are drowned by surge tides, and homes and businesses have been leveled as estimates declare 95 percent of the island destroyed.

It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially as more storms continue to brew in the warm waters of the Atlantic. if you're wondering how you can help, you can start by donating to SXM's official GoFundMe fundraisuer, officially sanctioned by the St. Martin tourist bureau in partnership with the local government.

“The beauty and welcoming spirit of St. Martin continues to be an anchor in my life and that of my closest friends and family," SXM Founder Julian Prince is quoted in a press release. "Now, it is time for us to give back to this amazing community as it needs our help more than ever. Through my life-long relationship with the island, I have built a unique bond with the local government which I am now using to pinpoint their immediate needs and appropriately allocate the funds we are raising. At the moment, these needs revolve around getting drinking water, food, first aid supplies, and other basic needs to the people of the island. As we communicate further with the local government and other needs are raised, we will update donors as to where resources are being allocated. Please help us stand behind our St. Martin brothers and sisters in this time of need. We appreciate any funds or supplies you can offer.”

The GoFundMe launched Thursday, Sept. 7, and has raised nearly $7,000 by press time toward a $1 million goal.

“The SXM Festival GoFundMe is the only fundraising effort for Saint Martin relief that the St. Marten tourist bureau can officially support at this time," Rolando Brison, Director of Tourism at St. Maarten Tourist Bureau, says in a press release. "We have a memorandum of understanding with SXM Festival and a longstanding relationship; they are registered in St. Martin, and we are in constant contact regarding the needs and logistics of the island. The outpouring of support so far has been extraordinary, but we urge other GoFundMe pages to consolidate with SXM Festival in order to maximize and best utilize donations.” 

If you are able to give, please donate what you can to the SXM Festival's official St. Martin relief GoFundMe today, and share the post with friends online using the hashtag #SXMStrong.