Galantis' 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

Katharina Naess


Circa 2013, Swedish DJ aspirants Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw set out to bring thoughtful songwriting and a bright, bubbly new sound to mainstream dance music. Now known to fans as dance powerhouse Galantis, the two have accomplished just that.

After a string of singles and a self-titled EP, the duo's debut album, Pharmacy, bolted to No.1 on the Dance/Electronic Albums charts back in 2015, including such hits as "Peanut Butter Jelly" and "Gold Dust." And with their sophomore effort The Aviary due Sept. 15, Galantis' reign over the dance-pop world is far from over.

Ahead of the new album's release, join Billboard Dance as we run through our 10 favorite Galantis songs, below.

10. Galantis - "Hunter"

Galantis gifted fans with the mystical, tropics-infused "Hunter" just in time for summer 2017, releasing the track through a Facebook Live event in May. The contagious, tribal-tinged Galantis song snagged No. 14 on the Dance/Electronic Digital Song charts, hitting No. 21 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs rankings, where it charted for 15 weeks. Above, tune in to the jungle-set music video, where you'll catch a glimpse of the duo's mystical mascot, the Seafox.

9. Galantis - "Louder, Harder, Better"

One of Galantis' more mellow tracks, "Louder, Harder, Better" rests wispy vocals on trickling piano keys and dreamy, glimmering production, building up to a buzzy, warm drop that lives up to the duo's reputation for feel-good dance jams. As the lyrics proclaim, this one's nearly "as good as it ever gets."

8. Galantis - "Love On Me"

Galantis taps veteran Australian beatsmith Hook & Sling for "Love On Me," a euphoric bop that incorporates Caribbean vibes and the same fuzzy vocal effects that made "Peanut Butter Jelly" so infectious. Don't miss the Thailand-filmed, vibrant music video, either, which morphs a colorfully-dressed troupe of Tibetan monks into a psychedelic kaleidoscope.

7. Galantis - "Smile"

The uplifting "Smile" is equal parts danceable and emotional -- don't be surprised if you get caught in some deep feels when this one comes on in the club. The track takes on an anthemic, progressive house feel, complete with a thunderous metallic beat and piercing keys. Turn it up, because "you don't got anything to worry about at all." Oh, and fair warning about the video -- definitely NSFW.

6. Galantis - "Firebird"

With its imagery of a trip to the cinema that ends in shared cigarettes and waking up "under the sky, half-naked," Galantis' full-hearted "Firebird" is an essential ode to youth. And while the track's shimmering beat is enough to draw listeners in, its clever, catchy lyricism is the true star, including the gem "hot-blooded like a harlequin / our heroine is trembling / colors running into our skin."

5. Galantis - "No Money"

In an industry that often brings to mind glitzy yachts, bottle service and private island vacays, Galantis' "No Money" is a refreshing change of scenery. Through a chanting chorus, high-pitched steel drums and energetic beat, the track has a message for the haters -- "you can call me what you wanna, I ain't giving you a dolla'" -- and it's hard to resist joining in on the motivating battle cry. The track was Galantis' first to notch the Hot 100, where it peaked at No. 88, holding No. 8 on the Dance/Electronic Digital Song charts. 

4. Galantis - "Peanut Butter Jelly"

Puns aside, "Peanut Butter Jelly" is an absolute jam. Galantis' breakout hit rides on a surging, feel-good groove and soaring synths, inviting listeners to "spread it like peanut butter jelly" in possibly the most unforgettable chorus of the duo's catalogue. Seriously -- we dare you to try and blast this one without cracking a grin.

?3. Galantis - "Gold Dust"

Galantis only continues to build their Seafox army with "Gold Dust," an earnest, addictive listen that manages to tug on your heartstrings just as much as it goads you to break out the dance moves. Part piano ballad, part lovesick poem, part dancefloor jam, "Gold Dust" is a Galantis classic.

2. Galantis - "You"

This Galantis song bangs from the moment those pulsating piano keys hit in the first few seconds, and the track only gets better as you listen. With a lush, glassy soundscape and anthemic chorus we can't help but belt out loud ("I remember youuuu"), the track is a no-brainer for our list. The song's weirdly wonderful, touching music video -- where a bright-eyed Seafox-human searches for love -- only adds to the track's charm, so don't forget to check it out above.

1. Galantis - "Runaway (U & I)"

If there is such thing as the quintessential Galantis track, "Runaway (U & I)" would be it. The song checks every box for the feel-good, wholehearted tunes we've come to expect from the duo: A bubbly, invigorating, dancefloor-ready beat, whimsical lyrics, a message of love and acceptance, and of course, an appearance by the Seafox. And fans seem to agree, as the track bolted to No. 7 on the Dance/Electronic Digital Song charts.