Dannic Talks Spinnin' Deal, Hardwell Friendship & More: Exclusive Interview

Dannic, 2017
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Dannic performs on board the Norwegian Sun during day 3 of The Groove Cruise Cabo on Oct. 30, 2016 in Cabo. 

Dutch powerhouse label Spinnin' Records announced on Aug. 23 that they had signed DJ/producer Dannic to an exclusive deal with their imprint. The news was followed by a jumble of questions by fans, including whether or not he'd be able to release songs on Hardwell's Revealed Recordings and his own label, Fonk. 

Dannic swiftly took to Twitter to address the fans' questions and concerns. 

Billboard Dance reached out to the 31-year-old dance artist to bring further clarity to the announcement and what his current situation entails. With respect to his previous "deal" with Revealed, Dannic mentions there was no actual record deal in the first place.

"Everything for me at Revealed was and is based on trust," he explains to Billboard, "which totally shows what kind of a big hearted person Hardwell is. It's all about loyalty, respect and above all; for the love of music. Besides being one of my best friends, Hardwell has always been an inspiration and mentor for me. He helped me get noticed, motivated and pushed me to become better at producing music and introduced me to important people in the scene."

He continues, "I learned a lot from him both professionally and personally. He did all this without pushing me in a certain musical direction. He gave honest feedback on the tracks I made, but still gave me the creative freedom I needed. The best example is when he gave me the advice to make music from the heart. Basically he was saying that your 'own style' is already there, you just need to find it within yourself. I still send Hardwell all my demos and tracks. I trust him the most when it comes to honest feedback. I do that to him and my own protegees."



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As he clarifies via Twitter, his deal with Spinnin' is flexible in the fact that he is still able to release his music on Revealed and his own label, Fonk Recordings. "I’m really thankful for everything that Hardwell and Revealed contributed to my success as an artist, so I would never deny or forget that," he says.

Dannic's repertoire on Revealed includes tracks like "Blaze," "Survivors" and his standout remix of Mako's "Beam" which have collectively gone on to help cement his status in the big room space. 

The Dutch producer also touches upon his vision for the Dannic project. "I'm not aiming at becoming the next Chainsmokers," he says. "I want to release dance music. This is what Spinnin' is really good at. They are one of the leading dance music company's in the world with an amazing expertise and social reach. For me, this is an amazing opportunity to show my music to a much bigger and wider audience than I did before."

Since inking the deal, Dannic's first release on Spinnin' since is a collaboration with Fedde Le Grand called "Coco's Miracle" which embraces a clubby style. He describes his signature sound as a funky middle ground between big room and future house music. 

"I believe that the club sound will never die, it just evolves all the time," he says. "That’s why, as Dannic, I will focus on making club tracks, some more vocal driven, some pure instrumental tools." Listen to "Coco's Miracle" below.