Axwell & Ingrosso Bring Fans Into Their Creative Process With 'More Than You Know' Web App

Axwell & Ingrosso
Domonick Sheldon

Axwell & Ingrosso

So, maybe you love the new Axwell & Ingrosso album More Than You Know, but you think it could be better. Like, what if it opened with the positive upward momentum of “Sun is Shining?” Or, perhaps some of these tunes should make room for their older hits you still have on repeat?

While, you can't actually be in the studio with Axwell & Ingrosso, you can get a bit closer to it thanks to the duo's new More Than You Know Playlister web app. It allows you to create your own Axwell & Ingrosso album, using the tracks on the LP and some of their back catalog, which can then be turned into a playlist on Spotify and shared with the world.

It also features a bunch of exclusive video content. The duo sat down to talk about each track on the album, giving a bit of insight into their inspirations and writing process. It turns out “Can't Hold Us Down” was Ax and Seb's take on a heavy metal sound after the pair met with Rick Rubin over coffee. “Sun Is Shining” is a message to all the kids out there that feel bullied or put down to shrug off the haters and enjoy the day. They also talk about working with Pusha T, putting their spin on French dance riffs and more.

The clips are paired with a more personal interview filmed in the duo's studio called In Our Words, offering a cool peak into their creative world. Get started via the Playlister website