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Gramatik & Galactic Marvl Send 'Voyager Twins' as a Message of Peace to the Universe: Video Premiere

Courtesy Photo
Gramatik and Galactic Marvl, "Voyager Twins"

When we humans send exploratory instruments out into space, it's tradition to include musical files of one kind or another. The idea is that our songs can teach any extraterrestrial lifeforms a bit about our culture. Music is math you can hear. It's universal, and it's just plain fun.

Gramatik tasks himself with making music that's both Earthly and futuristic. His music is greatly suited to be a message between interstellar beings. He recently paired with the mysterious Galactic Marvl for “Voyager Twins,” an out-of-this-world collaboration with a colorful dubstep growl and plenty of saxophone groove. It's not really being sent out into the depths of space, but in the animated music video, “Voyager Twins” journeys far past our galaxy for direct contact.

It's a powerful song with a message of peace for all who hear it, human or otherwise. It also honors the 40th anniversary of the actual Voyager launch, Sept. 5, 1977. Follow “Voyager Twins” as it travels the stars in the clip below.