10 Highlights From The Chainsmokers' Reddit AMA

The Chainsmokers, 2017
David Becker/Getty Images for Showtime

The Chainsmokers arrive at T-Mobile Arena on Aug. 26, 2017 in Las Vegas.  

The duo opened up about their favorite artists, their production techniques and whether fame has changed them.

The Chainsmokers opened up in a no-limits Reddit AMA Thursday, hitting fans with a double dose of truth by answering questions both on the online forum and in a Facebook live video interview. 

It was definitely entertaining watching the hit-making duo go back and forth with fans in the nearly hour-long clip, but for those who didn't tune in or don't feel like watching the recorded video in full, we broke down 10 interesting takeaways below. Otherwise, go ahead and read the full AMA via Reddit and watch the full clip below.

We got the backstory on why they don't cuss in their lyrics:

"My sister got her mouth cleaned with a bar of soap once." - Alex Pall 

"I had to pay a fee like 50 cents when I cursed growing up" - Drew Taggart

But they're still more than likely to cuss on stage, so watch out.

Are they doing a Matoma collab?:

The Chainsmokers and Matoma became great friends when the producer opened for the duo on tour. Did you know Matoma is a nationally-ranked swimmer in Norway? And he also worked as a sniper in the Norwegian army. He's a classically-trained pianist and he dueled with the number-one piano player in Norway when he was a kid. All those tidbits aside, the friends did write and perform an original collaboration on the road, but The Chainsmokers don't think it will ever see official release. Sorry, y'all.

What is that Blink-182 they beat to death and whatever happened with that stolen mattress?:

"Initially it was 'Feeling This,'" Taggart wrote on Reddit. "It's my favorite Blink 182 song because of the harmonies at the end. Technically it's my friend from college's roommate, not Halsey's."

The guys also detailed how they've met the band and have talked about doing an official remix. They just wanna make sure it's the right opportunity.

Who do they think are the most underrated up-and-coming producers in the game?:

Boombox Cartel, Louis The Child, K?D, Illenium, Lido and Two Friends, just to start.

Who would be The Chainsmokers' dream vocalist collab?:

Imogen Heap.

Will they ever return to EDM?:

"How we've developed over the past five years," Taggart explained, "we started being really enthusiastic about dance music and really wanted to be involved in it. At the time Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, etc all had their own unique sound. A lot of producers start off by making music that sounds like other people's sounds and that's how we started. We worked every day to try to find a sound that was inherently ours and not anybody's elses. That's where our remixes came from. The first time we really found our sound was with a remix we did of Anna the North's 'Sway.' That one did really well. After that we were really burnt out on making 128 music and we slowed it down and that's when we made 'Roses' and I think that paved the way for artist's to make slower music.

At the time Kygo, Diplo, Major Lazer, and we were the only ones really doing the slower songs I think. Flume's always been amazing. The music we now make is typically heard on the radio but at the time it wasn't.

Going forward we're going to take some chances and hopefully can steer away from sounding like generic pop to you guys."

Has fame changed who they are?:

"Fame has changed us personally but not in the way you'd think. It's a weird thing to deal with. When you have people talking about the things you do, what you wear, what you say, etc you lose control of how you present your life. Everyone has something to say about one side of you and it may be right or it may not be right but it's out of your control. Our families have to deal with it. We learn to deal with it and we're lucky to have each other and we have a really dope team that help."

They opened up a little about their production techniques and inspirations:

"We used to stack the productions with a million sounds," Taggart said. "A lot of producers have asked us about simplicity. "Oh your songs are so simple" is a comment we get a lot. Simplicity is something we've worked on for SO long. Go listen to Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. It's an interesting production because every sound in that production has a purpose. It starts very narrow and as different sections of the song come in they add one really quality sound in the right key. Once you get to the hook it's everything and it gets bigger and we studied guys like Max Martin and Dr Luke to try to nail down that idea.

Sound quality is a funny thing... some of the people that have the greatest mixes think their stuff sounds like shit. It's self-deprecating in that way. If you listen to our earlier mixes some of it sounds like we had no idea what we were doing. You eventually find your way. I think it's really important to put your music on Soundcloud or wherever before it's ready because you get so much feedback and can really grow."

Their favorite lyric they've ever written: 

"Tell your friends it was nice to meet them, but I hope I never see them again."

On the lasting influence of Linkin Park's debut classic Hybrid Theory:

"It's insane," Taggart says. "That album came out 17 years ago, and it is insane how it has stood the test of time. Not just songwriting wise, the production, its so hard, its so aggressive, its so clear. and a lot of other stuff.

They also give it up to Dr. Dre, Skrillex, Phoenix, Sigur Ros, Cut Copy, MSTRKRFT, Justice and Daft Punk - because duh.