GRiZ Drops the 'Ultimate Weed-Smoking Song' With ProbCause and Jaye Prime

Jason Siegel


GRiZ takes his affection for Mary Jane to a new level with "Smoke That", a super-chilled track sprinkled with keyboard blips and mellow instrumentation prime for kicking back.  

It's no secret that the Michigan-based DJ and producer enjoys a hit from the good ol' ganja. In 2015, he created his own weed strain, which ended up scoring second place in the People's Choice Flowers category at Denver's Cannabis Cup.

He enlists the help of ProbCause and Jaye Prime to bring the record home. GRiZ calls "Smoke That" the "ultimate weed-smoking song" and mentions the track was written on 4/20, cannabis culture's unofficial holiday. 

Listen to "Smoke That" below: