Alison Wonderland Stomps on Love's Bad Habits With Dua Lipa 'New Rules' Remix: Listen

Paul Morigi/Getty Images
Dua Lipa in concert at the Rock & Roll Hotel on March 5, 2017 in Washington, DC. 

Who here among us can say they've never played themselves when it comes to love? There's always that one guy or gal who we know is no good, but we keep letting them back through our doors and into our hearts, even when we know things aren't going to be different.

Dua Lipa put an end to those days on her danceable single "New Rules." It's a backbone-growing anthem for all of us with a dancehall rhythm currently sitting at number 81 on the Hot 100. It's relatable to us all -- even world-famous DJs -- and alas, Alison Wonderland had to hop on the remix.

The beat master's take on "New Rules" is bassy, bossy, and brash. Wonderland stomps on the hook like she's stomping out the part of herself that can't let go. It's festival trap vibes are ready for the biggest stages and rowdiest rooms.

Put this on next time you get a late-night text from you know who, and find the strength to hit ignore for good.