deadmau5 Growls on 'Legendary' Hip-Hop Tune With Shotty Horroh: Listen

Jess Baumung


Honestly, this hip-hop stuff deadmau5 has been doing with his British buddy Shotty Horroh is some of the most interesting stuff the producer has released in years. He isn't just throwing a trap rhythm under a fat synth and tossing in some “hey” samples. His synthetic sound pushes the envelope on both the dance world and rap beats.

The pair's latest collaboration “Legendary” is one for the repeat button. A growling bassline gives Horroh a musical backbone, on top of which he builds an unstoppably cocky attitude and a dangerous lifestyle. As with the tracks that came before, deadmau5's production hints back to '90s hip-hop beats or early DJ Shadow work. There's something soulful about the sound, even as it bares its gritty teeth.

“Legendary” is out now on mau5trap. Fingers crossed all this experimentation leads to some amazing collab album. Listen to the collab below.