Tchami Expands Musical Style With 'Revelations' EP

Anthony Ghnassia


Tchami's latest output is a six-track EP aptly titled "Revelations", reveals sonic nooks of the Frenchman's repertoire that you wouldn't typically expect from him.

The project leads with "World To Me" featuring Luke James which diverts from Tchami's future house style and, instead, hugs in a bubbly tropical sound with light house undertones. 

He still retains his underground roots with cuts like "Godspell" and "Don't Let Me Down," but stretches his palette on "Zeal" which has a bit of swing and jazz to it. 

Tchami closes the body of work with standout single "Adieu" and "Adieu Pt. 2," the latter of which takes on a more spacey, minimalist vibe. He delves deeper into EP and the creative process with Billboard Dance, below.

Why did you end up titling the EP Revelations?
I wanted to reveal another side of what I can do musically. So it's not an evolution, but more uncovering a new part of my personality that has been already there.

Describe the creative process behind the making of this EP and tying the songs together?
I'm not going to lie, it was a painful process. My life changed radically when I started touring a lot more. It was difficult to finish any track when I was on the road and I needed to adapt to this new side of my life. I ended up with a lot of ideas but that wasn't enough. The fact that all my Pardon My French buddies were also touring really changed the way we had to work together. Eventually, with some time home some tracks began to make sense for me and I was able to wrap the EP up. This period in my life made me grow up a lot in a way that I am way more resilient in my creative process now. Although I still enjoy being in a room full of creative minds and seeing what we come up with I think this is what I enjoy the most.

What was your favorite track to make off the EP and why?
"Adieu" and "Adieu Pt. 2" were definitely the ones. When I wrote them, it was like automatic, no struggle. All the parts fell into place so easily. Mercer helped me a bit to clarify the structure of the song. At some point, I needed to confront my work with somebody I trust.

What did you aim to achieve with this EP?
Share a little bit more of me with the world in a way that I can handle mentally. Meaning, not repeating myself is a huge factor, or I will get bored and won't enjoy the experience at all. As I always say, I'll do this until this.