Avicii Explores the Edges of Imagination in Series of Animated Lyric Videos For 'Avici' EP

Courtesy of Vevo
Avicii, 'Friend Of Mine' lyric video.

Don't call it comeback.

Avicii's grand return to music is in full swing. He dropped his semi self-titled Avici EP on Aug. 11, his first since retiring from live performances in 2016.  He's backing up the jams with a series of cute, animated lyric videos, each one depicting a new champter in an unfolding adventure between a friendly pair of astronauts.

The first came Tuesday (Aug. 22) for lead single “Friend of Mine,” featuring Vargas & Lagola. In it, the CGI buddies explore a mythical land, lending a helping hand to one another and taking each new surprise by their friend's side. It's a sweet song with a message that rings true to anyone who's watched the sands of time slip through their fingers. 

The second came for "Lonely Together" featuring Rita Ora. The friends dive deep into ancient ruins and take to the sky over a craggy, alien landscape, mirroring the highs and lows of love stories not unlike the lyrics of the song. The pair get into a spot of trouble in the third video for "You Be Love," featuring Billy Raffoul. A wind storm sees them separated, but it doesn't last for long, because these two interstellar explorers are destined to roam side by side.

You can catch all Avicii's lyric video below. Strap yourself in, grab a friend, and hold on tight.