Flux Pavilion Slips Bossy Bass Between The Sexy Sax of Ookay's 'Thief': Listen

Courtesy of Circle Talent Agency
Flux Pavilion

Ookay messed around with that hazz sax and future bass and wound up with a hit called “Thief” that caught the attention of bass bastion Flux Pavilion. It's a smooth, adorable jam, to be sure, but like a thief in the night, that dubstep dynamo came for them stems and turned out one helluva bassy remix.

Flux Pavilion's take on “Thief” is true to the spirit of the original. It's just that he injected it with 500 ccs of powerful boom. All that brilliant sax remains. All those shimmering flourishes can still be heard. It's a monster with a heart of gold, something for the kids and the adults to enjoy.

Prepare your body for the bone rattle to come, and listen to Flux Pavilion's remix of Ookay's “Thief” below.