Flosstradamus Announces Intimate 'In Hi-Def' Club Tour

Justin Hollar

Back in the day, when trap in dance music was a novel new idea, Flosstradamus shows weren't giant, over-the-top, festival affairs. They were dank, sweaty messes, whole blackened clubs turned into mosh pits and dance offs. They were rowdy. There was electricity in the air. Sometimes the cops got called. It was pretty rad.

So rad, in fact, that Flosstradamus' Curt Camerucci wants to take it back. He's announced a five-week tour in select cities across North America that brings him back to those smaller, intimate, no-frills venues for a special, gritty, raw experience. It's called Flosstradamus: In Hi-Def, and you're going to want to bring your good ear plugs.

He's packing the decks old trap favorites, house hits, signature Floss anthems, and “other weird joints I'm feeling at the moment.” It's a throwback to the golden era, and every fan old and new is invited to get low. The tour kicks off at Flosstradamus' residency at Intrigue in Las Vegas Friday, Sept. 22, and runs through to his performance at Escape Wonderland Sunday, Oct. 28.

Tickets go on sale Thursday, Aug. 17, and in some cities Friday, Aug. 18. Check the full list of dates and venues below.