Shaun Frank's Life Is Flipped 'Upsidedown' in New Video: Exclusive Premiere

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Shaun Frank, 'Upsidedown' 

The new visual puts a literal spin on the breakup anthem.

Shaun Frank literally goes upside-down in the official music video for his breakup anthem "Upsidedown," which takes a more metaphorical approach to the word.

"I'm living in the upside-down, 'cause without you my feet can't find the ground," the lyrics go.

The one-shot, one-take video goes beyond suspending Frank in mid-air as it purposely creates a stifling environment that elevates the song's lyrical meaning, which is driven in part due to the nifty camera work.

He tells Billboard, "I wanted to do something that added a little vertigo to the song, which is about feeling disoriented and lost. My boy Tyler Hynes and I shot this thing in one take and I couldn't be more stoked to finally show my fans!"

Watch the music video below: