Kill the Zo Is Back With A Drummed-Up 'Part I' Remix From Krayysh: Listen

Quinn Tucker
Kill the Zo

It's been three years since Kill The Noise and Mat Zo came together as Kill The Zo, and bequeathed upon the world a densely layered, forward-thinking, bass crunch sound.

Its only single was a release on Soundcloud called "Part I,” and it showcases a level of sound design talent and engineering skills most producers would bleed for. The beat is bangin' without being try hard, a fresh blend of electric guitars and choppy drops to get mosh pits flaring across the floor.

“We don’t place any restrictions on the process or the genre,” Kill The Noise says in an emailed statement. “The philosophy at so many points has always been, ‘this might be challenging but let's try to make it fun by using a new technique or new process we’ve been working on.’”

It was an experimental, genre-blending sound that took the duo on a back-to-back tour around North America. Now, Kill the Zo gears up for Part II -- but first, a recap.

“We’ve been working on some things recently,” Zo adds, “and as the conversation of giving ‘Part I’ a proper release ramped up, I found Krayysh, the latest signee to MAD ZOO, who is super talented. He was kind enough to give the track a fresh touch up.”

Krayysh's take is heavier on the drums with a bit of hip-hop-meets-punk attitude. It's a tasty tidbit for fans who want something new while they wait for the fresh originals. For Krayysh, it was a master class in technique.

“The opportunity to remix KTZ is nuts for me, because I literally went from listening to a Soundcloud rip of the track for the past three years to getting the stems,” Krayysh says. “It’s crazy to be able to remix two artists I have a lot of respect for, and quite a welcome into the MAD ZOO family.”

Consider this the prelude to the next chapter. “Part I” and it's remix are out now on MAD ZOO. Listen to both versions in full below.